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Canberra rubbish removalists, CBR Rubbish Removal, are experts in rubbish removal services. CBR Rubbish Removal specialise in furniture removal, bed and mattress removal, appliance and e-waste removal, white goods removal, garden and green waste removal and commercial waste removal. Call us at: (02) 6188 7420.

CBR Rubbish Removal – the rubbish removal Canberra experts that residents trust with their rubbish.

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·         Furniture Removal

·         Bed Removal

·         Mattress Removal

·         Appliance Removal

·         E Waste Removal

·         White Goods Removal

·         Garden Waste Removal

·         Green Waste Removal

·         Commercial Waste Removal






Rubbish Removal Canberra


Let’s be honest. You’ve probably got a million better things you can think of that you would probably prefer to do than get your junk removed. Time with family, time with friends. Even time alone by yourself on the sofa with a good movie on the TV. Removing all the rubbish and junk that is normal household clutter takes time and a whole lot of effort. It’s hard work, it’s dirty work, and it’s work you don’t want to do.

But we do. At CBR Rubbish Removal, we like hard work; we even like the dirty and tedious work. We like the big jobs, and we like the small jobs. Let us do the hard work for you, so you can do whatever you want to do.  


About Us

We at CBR Rubbish Removal, work with experienced contractors in the rubbish and junk removal fields, to get your job done, regardless of how big or small it might be. We know how to get rid of rubbish quickly and safely; we will recycle as much as possible, and dispose what can’t be recycled correctly and ethically as per council laws.

From simple appliance removals, to garden waste, from mattresses to refrigerators, from a garage spring clean to an end-of-lease clearout, we do it all. Whether for commercial or personal rubbish removals, the office or for real estate agencies, we offer a reliable, cost-effective, efficient and on-time garbage collection and removal service with a friendly smile, and affordable prices.

​We are fully insured and we are fully committed to provide the standard of rubbish removal you deserve to the city of Canberra and to all of the ACT. ​

We’ve all thought it – “I’ll throw it out one day” – and then suddenly, it’s a year or two later, and you’ve accumulated so much garbage and junk that entire rooms have been conscripted to store it. And now, what was once a simple task has become too big for you to do alone. You don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy, and you don’t have the capability to do it all yourself.

Which is where we come in. Our team of professional Rubbish Removalists, can collect and remove all of that old garbage for you, no worries, leaving behind what you have always wanted … your space back to do with as you wish.


So What Can You Remove?

Well … what do you have?

Our garbage collection and removal service can take care of whatever junk you have. Wherever it is, however big it is, we can get it out.  We may need to dismantle or demolish it beforehand, but we can get rid of it.

​Whatever it is – furniture, beds, exercise equipment, doors, carpets, appliances big and small, and many things more than we can list here – we can get rid of it all. And if we are able to, we will recycle your junk; if we can’t recycle, we will dispose of it appropriately.


Do You Only Do Big Jobs?


No, we’ll do whatever task you put before us.

Maybe you’ve had a birthday party, and now you living room looks like a tornado’s gone through it; or you’ve hosted a garden party that got a little to boisterous and you just don’t want to deal with the mess left behind.

Maybe it’s as simple as your bins are overflowing, and you are mobility impaired and just can’t empty them properly. The reasons are not important. What is important is that we want to help get your life back on track by getting out of the house what you no longer want in it.

Do You Only Do Domestic Jobs?


No. We worth with both domestic and commercial rubbish removal jobs. If you need to do an Office Clean Out, call us. If you are a renter and need to get rid of junk before you move out, call us. If you are a Real Estate Agent and need to perform an End-of-Lease Clean Out, call us. We do Deceased Estate Clean Outs and Construction Debris Rubbish Removals as well.



We do pretty much anything. Well, almost anything. Unfortunately, we’re not equipped or licenced to remove asbestos, hazardous waste, or chemicals, so if your job requires the elimination of such substances, you will need to find a licenced removalist contractor in that field.


However, the services we do supply are numerous. Even so, perhaps you aren’t finding the specifics of what you require in the list below. No worries – give us a call or fill in our quote form and select 'Other', and you’ll hear from us very quickly. ​


Furniture Removal

So, you have a table you no longer need, or your kids broke their bed by jumping up and down on it too much. Maybe there’s a wardrobe that’s seen better days or a collapsing desk or broken dinner chair you are too scared to use for fear of pain. That’s where we come in. Think of us as Reverse Santas. Give us a call, and leave the furniture disposal to us. We’ll come and safely take all that stuff away, careful to leave your house clean and tidy.

​Bed and Mattress Removal

Did you know mattresses can be recycled. They are one of the most common items sent to landfills, but they don’t need to be, especially since mattress recycling is such an easy option. And, if your mattress is in good enough condition, they can be cleaned up and donated to charities. Give us a call, and we can make your mattress disposal easy and painless.

E Waste Removal

It’s one thing removing computers or other types of electronic waste; the disposal of them is something else. Sometimes it’s not just as simple as dumping them at the rubbish tip. Leave the worry to us. We will remove all of your old and broken computers, electronics and appliances and dispose of them as appropriate; recycling them, if possible. Give us a call, and leave the worry to us.


​White Goods Removal

Fridges and washing machines and the like are amazing inventions – what would we do without them - but when they break down, it becomes more ‘What do we do with them?’ They’re big, they’re heavy, they’re bulky … and you can’t be blamed thinking ‘How do we get rid of them? I don’t have a trailer.’ Well, we do. You don’t need to worry about how to move and dispose of your fridge, washing machine, dish washer or any other large, bulky white goods appliance. That’s our job. Give us a call, and we’ll get that done for you.

​Garden and Green Waste Removal

​Just had a big storm and your yard is a mess? Branches down, palm fronds, piece of debris scattered everywhere? Or perhaps you’ve simply gone on a gardening spree; lopped some trees here, trimmed some hedges there. Or you’ve knocked down the swing set to put in a new shed. Whatever it is, if you have junk in the yard, we can get rid of it. Give us a call, and we’ll leave your yard clean and fresh.

​Commercial Rubbish Removal

​Moving out of your office? Clearing out your shop or other place of business? Make sure we're your first call for all of your commercial waste management and junk elimination needs. From computers to office furniture, from paper waste to plastic, from shop fittings to green waste … we can help. Give us a call; we will remove your rubbish quickly, hassle free.

And Many Other Services too ...​

Estate Clean Ups

It can be a difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one. There are many things on your mind, and you are in the midst of grief and mourning.  It can seem that responsibilities are piling up around you, and you are feeling overwhelmed. Let us help take a little of that responsibility.


​We offer an Estate Clean Up and Waste Management Service for such occasions. You tell us what needs to go, and we will remove it for you. We respect the deceased items, recycling those items whenever possible, or disposing them appropriately if not. Call us now; we want to help you where we can through these tough times.

Garage Clean Out

Many people use their garage as the ‘storage of all things’ room first, and a place to put their car second (or never). Things go in there, never to see the light again. Old sewing machines, those dumbbells you swore you would use every day, the kids’ old bikes, that 100-piece tool set lasted three days before you broke your thumb with a hammer – get back your space by calling us and letting us do a Spring (or Summer or Autumn or Winter) Clean.


​Who knows, you might actually want to put your car in your garage when all the junk is gone.

End of Lease Clean out

Most real estate owners or property managers know the feeling of going to a property after the tenant has moved out and seeing a property full of junk the tenant left behind. Time is tight, you need it cleaned out before the next tenant arrives, and there’s so much work to do.


Give us a call; we will have the rubbish removed as quickly as possible.


​And if you are a tenant, coming to the end of your lease, and you have a lot of junk you need removed before you leave? Call us, too. Don’t leave it up to your property manager. Do the responsible thing.

Construction Debris Removal

Whether your building an extra room to your home, or doing renovations on the kitchen; whether on your personal or commercial property, you are going to make a lot of waste, mess and debris.


All this junk and rubbish can become a safety hazard issue.


​Give us a call; we offer a Construction Waste Management system that will remove all debris in a quick and affordable manner, leaving your work site clean, tidy and safe.